A guide to choosing an armoured door: How to identify the best

There’s often the risk of combining security doors in shape, size and coatings. In choosing a security door, this is the biggest mistake not to make. The entrance door is the element that we face every day and marks the entrance of our home, so the choice must be well considered. Let’s see the aspects that allow a security door to be the right one for your home.


A not safe armoured door has no reason to exist. To be safe, an armoured door must be certified and tested and must be made with quality materials. It also must be combined with high-level locking accessories, such as cylinders and defenders.
Mister Shut offers certified armoured doors in grade 3 and grade 4, ideal for ensuring an excellent security level.


Having a secure, but aesthetically unappreciated security door is not the best choice you can make. Careless details, low-quality upholstery, poorly finished accessories increase the desire to change the front door.
The craftsmanship, the collaboration with internationally renowned Design, the careful choice of materials, and the numerous available technologies make Mister Shut the cradle of Design in the security door sector.


Quality has several aspects: a quality door is a door that we enjoy every day without ever getting tired of it. We appreciate all its details, from noise reduction to thermal transmittance, and to wind resistance.
How many times does it happen that you feel cold or hear noises behind closed windows and doors? Mister Shut allows you to select armoured doors with thermal insulation up to 0.9 W / MqK and noise reduction up to 45 Db.
Not every door has real values. Real values are the result of great experience and technology without ever losing sight of safety.