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Advice and suggestions for correct maintenance of wood coverings

Maintenance –

If you have chosen wood, you have brought luxury and comfort into your home. Besides aesthetic performance, wood guarantees excellent acoustic and thermal performance. We highly recommend you to devote some attention to this material, as to any other building materials.

Indoor –

Indoor, the windows do not require care because the environment is protected. However, remember to ventilate properly at least 3-4 minutes a day with windows wide open to avoid condensation on the internal glass. Pay attention to this aspect, especially in newly built houses where the humidity of the building structure is still very high. We also recommend having the hardware adjusted by an expert every 2-3 years to keep coplanar closures in good shape and avoid draughts.

External –

Outside, the atmospheric agents attack the protective state of the paint, which tends to wear out over time. The wooden items are protected with the pigments of the Remmers, one of the largest German companies specialising, in the external protection of the casing. Control and maintenance operations must be carried out every six months.
Half-yearly cleaning: Thorough cleaning every six months prevents acid solutions from corroding the paints and maintains the aesthetic appearance for a long time.
We suggest washing the outside of the windows with Remmers Reiniger, a specific strong detergent against dirt and grease. Remmers Reiniger should be sprayed onto the wooden surface and then proceeded with cleaning directly with the cloth contained in the package. Do not insist too much so as not to alter the brilliance.

Regenerative refreshment: After cleaning the window frame, it is advisable to conclude the operations by applying a light layer of protective conditioner. It is a unique liquid resin, Remmers PFLEGEBALSAM. The resin penetrates the paint layer, renews it and restores the original water repellency, increasing the paint’s life. The product must be applied using the cloth contained in the package. Follow the direction of the cloth’s fibres; otherwise, whenever, you will see shiny marks.

Retouching: Whenever the surface is cleaned, it is essential to check the state of the paint film, identifying points where the paint film has lost its continuity. For touching up using a brush and REMMERS COMPACT LASUR PU paint will solve the problem by avoiding more expensive operations. Check the most stressed points very carefully.