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Mister Shut

Experience, professionalism, technology, specialization: In more than three decades of presence on the market, Mister Shut has developed a range of qualities that allow him to offer security doors not only innovative and of high quality, but also of great scenic presence. The collaboration with internationally renowned designers has allowed us to create unique designs of great technical and aesthetic value, with extensive customization options from the customer.

To achieve this, Mister Shut has united in its production process the most advanced equipment from the technological point of view and the vocation to craftsmanship that has made famous and recognized Made in Italy all over the world.
High automation, flexible IT systems and highly specialized personnel enable Mister Shut to achieve a high quality level and also offer security doors that, in addition to best performing the task for which they are designed, integrate best with any type Environment and style, from classic or antique to the most modern and minimal, to meet all tastes and needs. Because protection and beauty can coexist, and Mister Shut knows it.

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