Our company, which has always been attentive to product quality and the demands of the market with a view to continuous improvement, is pleased to present a significant evolution of our product.

The innovation consists in the use of new coatings for wood, and new completely water-based protective cycles, thanks to a collaboration with the largest European manufacturer of protective coatings for wood, Remmers. Remmers is a German multinational company that produces high-tech, quality coatings, thanks to which it holds the highest number of certifications in European laboratories.

  1. On all our wood products a full three-layer protective cycle is applied, guaranteeing the panel has great longevity:
  2. Wood fibre consolidating formula with perfectly light stable pigments and active substances for the protection of wood
  3. Insulating and hydrophobic primer to protect the substrate against water
  4. UV filtering finish to protect the substrate against direct sunlight

There is a slight difference in the colour and gloss of the surface, which will be slightly more opaque and will be softer and more pleasant to the touch, in addition to ensuring:

  • High outdoor durability
  • High colour stability over time
  • No organic solvent odours