How does a lock work?

Mister Shut uses different types of locks according to our customers’ needs and requests.

Until now the most requested and commonly installed lock has been the double bitted lock. We no longer mount this type of lock on our Mister Shut products because the techniques used by burglars evolve, making this type of lock unsafe and outdated.

That is why Mister Shut uses European cylinder locks in the ”ingranaggi”, i.e. “gear” and the “mandate”, i.e. “thrust” versions. The European cylinder lock provides its operation using a shaped cylinder.

The lock assembly consists of:

Lock body
European cylinder
Lock protection
Contro defender

Lock Body
The lock body corresponds to the metal box, the locking mechanisms and the latch.
A European lock is reliable when its material is resistant, has high quality and traps inside that snap when it is tampered with.

European Cylinder
Cylinders with European profiles have different models and brands.
The safety of a cylinder is given by their internal components and by the relative opening key and its profile. Burglars tend to manipulate well-known cylinders with an Italian profile, which is available in all shops and hardware stores.
Choose a cylinder with a protected key that has a security card or a certificate without which the copy of the key cannot be carried out.
The choice of a cylinder must be made taking into account the protected reproduction of the key, carried out only with a security card or certificate, without which the duplication of the keys cannot be carried out.

The defender is the front protection of the cylinder. The defender’s function is to resist attacks towards the cylinder for as long as possible. The best defender is equipped with parts and shapes that make it an anti-tube, anti-drill, anti-cut and an anti-tear device with widia pins designed to protect the cylinder barrel.

Contro Defender
The contro defender prevents the cylinder from being ejected towards the inner side. Without it, unauthorized people can crack the cylinder lock and open the door.