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Biliko is a new product from Mister Shut. It is a premium level door that represents the perfect combination of safety, protection, cutting-edge technology and high-end design, all at only 118 mm thick. The pivoting mechanism allows even doors of large dimensions to rotate around a concealed pin, for an extraordinary lightness of opening. This, together with the perfect internal coplanarity that Biliko has in common with other Mister Shut flush door lines, enables you to recover significant amounts of space and provides a door that integrates perfectly with its environment, enriching it as if it were a true designer object.
Biliko has been designed with special cutting-edge technology to give a thermal break frame with triple insulation, guaranteeing an even more consistent insulation of the internal environment from the external one. This effect is also accentuated by its very low thermal transmittance (value 1.1) and by the presence of double draughtproofing both in the upper and lower part.
The new Biliko door also features recessed handles and defenders, and new and modern coverings in exclusive materials, customisable to all tastes. Security without ever compromising on aesthetic value.


The ideal door is the perfect combination of security (the ultimate goal of a security door), functionality (the ability to comply with every requirement), and elegance (so that you always feel protected without comprising your aesthetic values). Mister Shut carefully balances each of these elements to create the perfect door for your home.