Mister Shut
Mister Shut


Mister Shut combines safety with maximum flexibility of design and build.
Each security door is custom-made in its design and construction. The underlying structure, style of coverings and handles are chosen according to the context in which the door will be installed.
Thirty years of experience and specialisation allow Mister Shut to overcome any planning constraint and create doors inspired by modern design, characterised by clean shapes and up-to-date armoured finishes, as well as security doors designed for the renovation and restoration projects.


The flush doors available in the Biliko, Maxima and Next models guarantee minimal opening systems, with the frames incorporated directly into the surrounding masonry or plasterboard with no external finishing trims.
The flush wall option envisages the door being given the same finish as the surrounding walls, creating a modern and minimalist design in which the door seems to disappear into the environment.
The absence of visible frames and trims around the doors gives the maximises the clean lines of the entrance, making the wall the key focus of the room.


Whether internal or external, wainscoting allows for the door to be ‘hidden’ in the surrounding wall, giving the wall a notably exclusive aesthetic. The wainscoting can be taken to any height.
Mister Shut uses wainscoting to create many different styles, from the English style that combines wainscoting with classic colours and furnishings, to the Parisien style in which the furniture is vintage with touches of brass, and New Classic if the walls are covered with plaster and polystyrene.


In collaboration with the Architect Adriano Castiglioni, Mister Shut pays obsessive attention to the handles of its doors, especially when they are recessed. A keen attention to detail and high-tech processing make it possible to create recesses within metal bands that have a grip function, thanks to thorough ergonomic study. The shape and position of the recessed handles follow a precise design that is wholly integrated with the style chosen by the designer.



The Cross handle is characterised by the intersection of two metal strips flush recessed into the door panel, drawing a cross upon which rests a specially designed and similarly-sized bridge handle.



The Line handle consists of a metal tube applied vertically to the door with a gap allowing its grasp. It is a handle that displays the minimalist design that typically distinguishes Mister Shut doors.
Making this handle requires highly-skilled, artisanal working of the metal.



The Great handle is our flagship handle, a masterwork of experience in metalworking made by folding a sheet of metal like origami. The handle has been refined down to the smallest details to allow a comfortable grasp, yet one which occupies little space and minimises protrusions. The layer finish becomes a decorative detail on the Great handle that allows for refined colour contrasts with the other materials in the Mister Shut finishes palette.



The refined and elegant Double recessed handle is made from folded sheet metal and placed vertically on the door, offering two ergonomic grip points for opening the door. This feature allows a comfortable and secure grip, regardless of the direction in which the door is opened. As with the Great, the choice of colour with respect to the other finishes employed determines the overall aesthetic of the door.



The Rail handle is a metal rail which is totally recessed in the panel, avoiding any protrusions and giving a minimalist feel to the design of the door. The handle has a double vertical grip to offer a comfortable approach to opening.


Unmistakable for their architectural impact and industrial accuracy, layer effects guarantee exclusive and refined lines that win over lovers of design and cutting-edge options. The use of a primer ensures maximum adhesion of paint to inserts, external panels and handles, conferring light and softness to the product.


Constant technological research and attention to design has led to the creation of the “New Generation” collection, in collaboration with the architect Adriano Castiglioni. This collection comprises outer styles characterised by innovative design and careful selection of high-quality materials, leaving the customer ample freedom to customise their door.
The minimalism of the designs confers exclusive aesthetic qualities, whilst geometric rigour gives elegance and beauty.