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How to assess the performance of a biometric system?

The performance of a biometric system is expressed based on two error indices:

False acceptance rate (FAR): expresses how many times a person is incorrectly identified and authorised to access.

False rejection rate (FRR): expresses how many times a person is rejected instead of being correctly identified for access.

The two values are inversely proportional: that is, the more secure the access control system is, the less comfortable it is to use because users could be more easily mistakenly rejected by the system.

The FAR and FRR can be configured with Argo App by selecting the desired level of security, as follows:


FAR (false acceptance rate)

FRR (false rejection rate)


1 su 200.000

1 su 10.000


1 su 1.000.000

1 su 6.000


1 su 10.000.000

1 su 4.000