A guide to choosing an electronic lock

A few years ago it was unimaginable to open the door via a telephone or a bracelet, at a distance of kilometres.

It happened to forget the keys and get stuck in the cold outside the house, waiting for a professional to solve our problem. But technology is getting improved, and we just have to admire and take advantage of them.

Or how many times have we forgotten to close our door, leaving the green light to some burglars?

Solving these problems, new locking system manufacturers have started to create electronic locks.

Step 1: Easy or smart?

The electronic locks chosen by Mister Shut and produced by ISEO serrature have two macro-categories: those that cannot be controlled via Bluetooth (EASY) and those that can be controlled and therefore work via the ARGO app developed by the manufacturer ISEO (SMART). Smart locks are programmed using master cards and supplied as standard.

Step 2: Type of power

Then it’s essential to define the type of power supply you want to have. You can choose a mains powered electronic lock, or an alkaline-batteries powered lock.

Step 3: External accessories

Lastly, the outer, part is configured. You can unlock the lock with a transponder-reader, or with a numeric keypad that also acts as a transponder reader.
Besides, you can combine user cards or bracelets with a transponder-reader, so it’s always possible to unlock the opening.
You can also externally hide any readers inside the armoured car.

Step 4: Internal opening

Internally it is possible to unlock the lock through an internal control module, or in the case of a SMART lock, in the SINGLE ACTION version, it is possible to have an anti-panic release, acting directly from the handle.

We can also insert additional accessories according to your requests and needs. Our sales department will be able to provide you with all the information, while the technical department will guide you in configuring and programming the lock.