A guide to selecting the panels for an armoured door

The choice of the armoured door coverings is a key factor in the configuration carried out, both because it meets aesthetic requirements and because it is necessary to choose the most suitable for the climatic and display context of the product.

Design and functionality must travel at the same pace leading us to the best choice.
The offer of Mister Shut panels is vast and meets both aesthetic and technical needs.

First of all, we must understand the exposure of the security door once it is installed.
The fact that it is outside, in the stairway, inside the house, or exposed to water is relevant in reaching the perfect configuration.

Once we understand the exposure, we need to be clear about two aspects: the style we want to give to our door and the chosen material.


The style can vary from classic to modern, or even complete customisation. Beyond the wide choice of coverings, Mister Shut gives you the possibility to customise your panel, depending on the reproduction and restoring plans, to the existing entrance door.
On the other hand, The New Generation collection offers the possibility of giving a touch of modernity to your door and also giving a unique and inimitable design.
Regarding your interior design, we advise you to always look for a match with the furniture, in harmony with the interior doors and the colours of the walls of your home.

The materials

As for the external cladding, there are exterior doors with outer panels and are exposed to agents aggressively, while there are external doors with internal panels that have less aggressive exposures. The latter have a limited assortment.

External panels exposed to atmospheric agents

For panels whose exposure is aggressive and therefore exposed to atmospheric agents such as water, wind, snow, the wood material is not recommended, unless you agree to carry out periodic maintenance and frequent panel replacements.
We also recommend the water-repellent MDF made with unique painting cycles that ensure more excellent durability of the panel.
The best choice is steel, and therefore our METALS LINE.
Steel guarantees long life and the maintenance operations are also less frequent.
In addition, the wide range of finishes guarantees flexibility and maximum customisation as well as modern design.