The hinges: types and operation

The hinge is the most important structural component of a security door: the hinge allows the armoured door to be fixed to the wall and helps the closing and opening processes.
Its importance derives from the fact that the weight of the armoured vehicle, is concentrated entirely on this component, whose good design and quality give the armoured door stability, safety and balance.

Mister Shut uses four types of hinges, depending on the configured product. They can be divided into three types:

Exposed Hinge
The Mister Shut visible hinge, inserted on the Entry model door, is designed to ensure adjustment on two axes: (Height and width): the system allows the opening to 180 °.
Mister Shut is attentive to all details, and the available technologies and machinery allow it to be painted according to the colour of the frame, giving flexibility and maximum choice to the customer.

Concealed Hinge
Mister Shut has always chosen to specialise in the concealed hinge product, making it one of the first companies in Italy to present it on an armoured door. The patented Mister Shut hinges allow adjustment on two axes. They are designed to withstand static and dynamic loads of 1000 kg.

The attention to design means that the concealed hinge turns out to be a piece of furniture.
The ‘Next’ hinge stands out for its considerable weight that guarantees balance, for its refined beauty, and also for its unique shape and design.

Pivot Hinges
It is the latest project by Mister Shut. The pivot hinge plays a fundamental role in allowing the rotation of the product: the careful choice of the pivot point is a technicality that guarantees the product’ success.